Coryndon Luxmoore

Buildium Personas

  • Year
    • 2013-2015
  • Market
    • Real Estate & Property Management
    • Saas Software, Small Business
  • Design Team Members
    • Coryndon Luxmoore, UX Leadership
    • Tomasz Miaskiewicz, Research and Analysis
    • Saro Iskenderian, Product Management

What I have learned over the last few years is that personas don’t have to be fake windsurfing grandma’s. They can transform big data into easy to understand composite customers that will allow you to scale your understanding of the customer across the design team and a growing company.

Miaskiewicz, T. and Luxmoore, C. (2017) “The use of data-driven personas to facilitate organisational adoption — a case study,” The Design Journal

Miaskiewicz, T. and Luxmoore, C. (2019) “Facilitating Innovation and Organization-Wide Integration of Personas: An Approach for Linking Users with an Existing Set of Personas” The Design Journal

Scaling empathy with personas from Coryndon Luxmoore