Coryndon Luxmoore


Please contact me for a demo of more recent and unpublished work.

Audible Captions – 2019

Audible Captions enables listeners to see what they hear and dig deeper into key words and phrases as they listen.

Buildium personas – 2013-2015

What I have learned over the last few years is that personas don’t have to be fake windsurfing grandma’s. They can transform big data into easy to understand composite customers that will allow you to scale your understanding of the customer across the design team and a growing company.

Buildium resident site responsive redesign – 2015

The responsive redesign of the Resident (tenant) portal was part of a larger mobile strategy that included native mobile applications. This part of the product was picked first as it allowed the design and engineering teams to understand what it takes to deliver a quality responsive web product for an audience that was increasingly mobile first.

Buildium mobile application v2 – 2014

The second version of out mobile app which was ported to the native iOS and Android platforms with the first real transactional component for entering or updating tasks and work orders. The redesign to native platforms and the addition of new functionality improved the ratings by over a star and doubled the install based in a few months.

Buildium Status Site – 2014

A week long team building project focused on giving Buildium customers a way to see the current system and customer support status and availability outside the core system.

Buildium mobile application v1 – 2012

The first generation of the Buildium mobile application launched in 2012 as a cross platform Phone Gap application with basic access to the manager’s properties and people. The style was a balance of iOS 5/6 and Android conventions to minimize platform specific development.

Buildium redesign – 2012

Shortly after joining Buildium we took on the task of a complete redesign and new font end technical architecture. As part of this effort we created a new global navigation structure, UI patterns, and visual branding for ~400 screens.