Coryndon Luxmoore

Health Dialog Personal Health Assessment

  • Year
    • 2008
  • Market
    • Medical
  • Design Team Members
    • Coryndon Luxmoore, Interaction and Visual Design
    • Kristen Connor, Project Management
    • Marcus Lofthouse, Development and Prototyping
The company provides individualized health coaching on the telephones for people recently diagnosed with chronic or life threatening diseases. As part of that mission, they had developed a suite of digital tools including a Personal Health Assessment (PHA). The PHA primarily benefited the company or insurance provider by allowing them to assess the risks and behaviors of their population it offered little benefit to the person completing the survey. We conducted a series of internal interviews and competitive assessment to understand the types of problems participants were facing with using the product. As part of that work we learned about health Dialog’s commitment to the stages of change defined by Prochaska. Using this data and the stages of change model we identified opportunities to shape the customer behavior. We did this by:
  • Addressing significant usability issues with the form with dynamic error handling and progress reporting
  • Incorporated help and education tools to mitigate the usability issues caused by standard medical questions and to begin education process during the survey
  • Extending the survey to prompt the users to review their assessment profile and contemplate the change they were interested in making
  • Created a personalized action plan using both the profile and expressed desire for change